Hyped Slot Car Systems

Is a new addition to the Exclusive Collectables brand portfolio, the Hyped Slot Car Systems product range consists of a range of Australian based slot car sets, cars and accessories taht will be available from the 2010 season onwards.

Zubre Throw and Rubber propelled Gliders

Zubre is a whole new brand for Exclusive Collectables and join the portfolio in 2010 as our Throw and Rubber propelled Glider brand, aimed at being a value an affordable product range to the eager hobbiest that wants to get in the sky quickly.

United Puzzles

Joining Exclusive Collectables in 2010, the United Puzzle brand will establish both internatioal landscapes and a new youth targeted range in extra large 20 and 100pc puzzles, with over 80 releases scheduled for 2010-2011 United puzzle will have a puzzle for everyone.

The Australain Puzzle Company

The Australain Puzzle Company name really speaks for its self with a great range of iconic Australian sporting and landmark puzzles such as Craig Lowndes & Jamie Whincups triple Bathurst winner 500pcs puzzle.

Collector Magazine

The Collector Magazine is a publication developed by Exclusive Collectables for the interests of collectable enthusiasts

Exclusive Model Cars

Exclusive Model Cars was established by company founder Frank Nohra when producing his first ever die cast model of a Mack Vision and B-Double trailer, today the Exclusive Model Cars brand can be found through out hobby stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Exclusive Collectables

The Exclusive Collectables product brand was redesigned for the introductory of our life like Poly Resin Commemorative Statue range that includes iconic Australian motor racing legends such and Dick Johnson taking his first Bathurst win at the 1981 James Hardie 1000.

Authentic Apparel

The Authentic Apparel brand is a highly collectable and limited edition motor sport apparel brand that brings exciting products to the motor racing fans of Australia.

Exclusive Radio Controlled

ExcR/C is a home grown radio controlled car brand that bring racing to a whole new level in Australia, with 1.10th scale nitro powered Ford Falcon XY GTHO's, Sierra's and Dick Johnson's 1981 "TRU-BLU" XD Falcon we keep racers happy.


Nitrex x2 is an American mande nitro buggy, truck and car fuel that has been specially formualted i a wide range of blends to bring out the best performance in any nitro powered radio controlled vehicle. Nitrex is also the official fuel of Exclusive Radio Controlled.

Glo Tech - is a premium range of high performace glow plugs for nitro cars, buggies and trucks that are available in both hot and cold versions.


1.18th scale die cast model cars from Peugeot, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche,Chevrolet and many more

Exact Detail Replicas

Exact Detail Replicas is a highly detailed range of collectable Shelby Mustangs, Chevrolet Comaro, Pontiac Firebirds and many other American Muscle cars that all include a limited edition certificate of authenticity.


Motorart produces a wide range of collectable Volvo and JCB earthmoving vehicles in various sizes, with the recent addition of their new 1.18th and 1.43rd Volvo and Saab road cars Motorart shows there is no shortage of detail.


MJX/RC produces highly detailed radio controlled cars in various scales from licensed properties such as Ferrari, Renault, BMW, Mini and Hummer

New Ray

New Ray produces a great range of toy and hobby lines for collectors of all ages and all budgets.